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Licensed Professionals

Our licensed, insured professional technicians are equipped at efficiently and responsibly removing undesirable critters from your property. Take advantage of our extensive trapping services to make your home or business a safer place.
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Experienced Methods

Whether you have bats roosting in your attic or mice chewing through your electrical wires. We not only remove critters, we also install preventative methods to keep them from coming back.  We are successful because we have better methods!
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Safety Is Important

If there's a wild animal threatening your family's safety, don't hesitate to call us. We have the necessary knowledge and experience to remove these animals from your home and reduce possible risks associated with wildlife.


Over The Years We Has Created An Excellent Reputation


I was so afraid after that raccoon hissed at me in the garage that I knew I needed help.  Thanks for making me feel safe again.  Oh yeah I almost forgot to mention that I appreciate you not using any poisions, that means alot to me and my family.


I am so glad that I called your company, you came right out and did the job immediately with no fuss.  I'll keep your number handy in case someone I know needs help, you rock!


I can't believe you guys did it, you are amazing!
Several rodent situations are emergency situations, or at least are thought as such by the homeowner. Most commonly, the reason is an animal inside a home making noise.  A raccoon could enter through a pet door and get stuck inside, or a squirrel could fall down a chimney and run loose in the house. Sometimes a bat will enter the house through a small opening, and the homeowner will see it in the kitchen and freak out. Or perhaps a bat will get stuck inside a house and fly around in circles.

Whatever the case, if you've got an emergency in the Austin Texas and surrounding areas that requires immediate help, there's a good chance that a competent critter technician will be able to help save the day. Availability is the big issue, of course there's a chance that the company you call will be busy working inside an attic on the other side of town.  However, stay calm and pick up the phone and call Texas Rodent Removal of Austin and North Austin areas of Texas.